Token & Distribution


Due to current problems with Ethereum blockchain we have to suspend our token sale. Please stay tuned. Thanks a lot for your understanding


B-Umbrella tokens (BUNT) represent the functional app coins minted by B-Umbrella in order to provide users with the membership and fee-payment capabilities. The BUNT tokens provide users with a universal means of access to all the services available in the DApp. Since each functional section of the DApp requires a certain number of tokens as a service fee, BUNT tokens combine both the access and fee paying functions. Besides, users will be able to execute mutual rewarding and reciprocal payments inside the DApp using BUNT tokens as an equivalent of value while BUNT will be available and tradable on crypto currency exchanges.

BUNT is neither a currency nor equity, thus no future profit for the BUNT holders is guaranteed. Nevertheless, the token circulation algorithm implies a gradually increasing deficit of BUNT outside the DApp (more on that is in our whitepaper) which along with fostering network effect due to increasing number of the DApp users will likely lead to the sustained growth of BUNT value.

Besides, B-Umbrella will buy the tokens back after 6 moths of the DApp’s actual operation. It means that each token holder will be able to sell BUNT back to B-Umbrella at the average market price (but not lower than the initial sale price) at the moment of the buy-back.


The total amount of BUNT will be distributed in the following proportion:

600 000 000 BUNT  (3 000 BTC) — distributed among crowdsale participants during the token distribution period;

50 000 000 BUNT (250 BTC) — locked for the post-launch promotion of the project;

50 000 000 BUNT (250 BTC) — locked for the token distribution cost compensation;

150 000 000 BUNT (750 BTC) — locked for rewarding the third-party advisors, partners, promoters;

400 000 000 BUNT (2 000 BTC) — locked in the reserve fund for further distribution via purchase/exchange section of the B-Umbrella DApp;

250 000 000 BUNT (1 250 BTC) — locked for rewarding both B-Umbrella and Pangea teams;

Thus, the total amount of tokens for sale is 600 000 000 BUNT (3 000 BTC), that is the hard cap to be desirably reached during the 360-days token distribution period. The minimum possible amount to prevent the project from collapsing is 20 000 000 BUNT (100 BTC).

Our Token Distribution Event (crowdsale) will start on December 12, 2017 for a 360-days period. The special event-dedicated web page will appear shortly before the date. Please stay tuned and follow our news for timely registration.




We highly appreciate the principle of self-governance and privacy of personal data. One of the strongest advantages of the B-Umbrella project implies protection of personal liberties of our users. We welcome everybody to participate in our token sale as well as to become our future customers. Both our project and our team are transparent to the users. At the same time, we DO NOT NEED any personal data of the token sale participants be they persons, groups, or organizations.

In order to reduce the risk of fraud during our token sale when our crypto wallets with BUNT tokens can be swapped out for wallets of cheaters, we prepared an email message containing the terms and conditions of our token sale as well as our crypto wallets from which everyone can purchase BUNT tokens.

Thus, the only contact information needed to participate in our token sale is an email address to where we can send our token sale instructions.

Fill in the form above with your email address and you will receive our message with the token sale info. We will never use the indicated emails for something other than the one-time message with our token sale instructions.

This is how crypto anarchy works. Let’s disrupt the security industry together!