Our Team, Advisors and Partners


Oleg "Fluoorum" Mykhailyshyn

Co-founder of B-Umbrella, crypto miner since 2011, talented C, C#, and PHP developer, blockchain fanatic, crypto anarchist, professional microcontroller programmer, DS SolidWorks virtuoso, pipe smoker.

Nicholas "Arean" Semenov

Web designer in B-Umbrella, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop virtuoso, geek and gamer, cycling fan, crypto anarchist, blockchain fanatic, pipe smoker

Yuriy "The Wolverine" Pasyeka

Web-admin/developer in B-Umbrella, DevOps engineer, professional PHP and JavaScript programmer, blockchain fanatic, crypto anarchist, conspiracy theorist, pipe smoker, mountain hiker, audiophile.


Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof

Official Advisor of B-Umbrella. Founder and Chief Unicorn of Bitnation, world-famous advocate of the blockchain-based Decentralization, inventor of the Governance 2.0 paradigm, popular international public figure, creator of the future borderless societies, beautiful lady.

Domanytskyy Vitaliy

Law advisor, managin partner Law conpany «Evro Managmant Consulting» (LC «EMC»), Legal expert of the Center for Legal aid on intellectual property rights protection, crypto-enthusiast.



Approved by Pangea

The first and the biggest decentralized community in the world. Bitnation should be recognized as the epochal milestone in the evolution of social relations since its Governance 2.0 paradigm promises to alter the very idea of how people should acquire power for reducing the suffocating dominance of the Nation States. Creating the Internet of Sovereignty, Bitnation represents its native Pangea software as a multidimensional blockchain-based platform under which the decentralization-oriented third-party projects such as B-Umbrella can be developed and deployed.