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B-UMBRELLA offers an online cross-platform decentralized application through which people who need protection and various security providers will be able to find each other in order to sign safeguarding agreements without having to correspond to any official authorization and involving any intermediaries.

B-UMBRELLA intends to reduce the global unemployment by representing new blockchain-based opportunities for those social strata whose environment, status or circumstances currently keep them out of official employment for whatever reason.

B-UMBRELLA provides a new level of accessibility to various security services for everyone in the world who needs protection being at the same time unable to contract ordinary security providers.



Security Market Value: The Global information security products / service market exceeds $82 billion in 2017

Potential Growth: The dynamics since 2011 demonstrates an average market growth by 12-16% annually

Profit Forecast: The US security guard and patrol services will reach about $31 billion by 2018

Worth It: In 2016, the US federal government alone spent $3.8 billion on Security Guards Services.

In Not So Far Future: The global private security services industry will reach $220 billion by 2019

We Gain Together: It has awarded 12,865 contracts to 501 companies, with a verage $7.6 million per company


B-UMBRELLA project aims at creating a decentralized application (DApp) integrated with the Pangea blockchain-based self-governance platform.

The application will provide the peer-to-peer cashless transactions based on the pre-designed smart contracts that will regulate relations between the clients and executors determining the terms and conditions at which the safeguarding agreements are considered satisfactorily completed.

The B-UMBRELLA DApp imposes no special requirements on both the clients and executors allowing everyone who is confident in his/her safeguarding skills to register at the relevant section of the DApp for delivering various security services as an executor.

Both the functionality of the DApp and the relations between the clients and executors will rely on the concepts of self-governance and the genuine freedom of choice


Numerous advantages over the ordinary security service providers are represented by the unique capabilities of the B-Umbrella platform

Full anonymity when safeguarding agreements are signed in a peer-to-peer mode within blockchain

Secure invoicing / rewarding when safeguarding agreements are executed automatically on achievingspecific conditions predefined by code of corresponding smart contracts

Spatial irrelevance when both clients and executors can make agreement with no regard to their geographical location or official jurisdiction

Self-governance when security services are provided with no regard to the compulsory licensing, certification, and to any other official or governmental authorization

Self-promotion opportunities provided by the informal structure of executors’ profiles where everyone can indicate everythin gworth mentioning with regard to the business

Veterans Foundation in the form of a crypto wallet to which both executors and clients may voluntarily send funds donating medicalor any other expenses of the bodyguards who appeared in a precarious financial position due to trauma or injuries resulting from some service-related activities


Military veterans/retired personnel facing problems with official employment for whatever reason

Former and actual athletes looking for extra earnings

Unemployed bodyguards having no official employment opportunities with conventional vendors

White-hat hackers capable of delivering cybersecurity services on a private basis

Martial artists and coaches looking for extra earnings apart from their training jobs

Former inmates having difficulties in finding their way in society

Taxi and truck drivers capable of providing confidential courier services delivering valuable items

Guides, survivalists, and traffickers capable of arranging safety visiting of various dangerous areas

Well-trained and able-bodied students looking for some side business in their spare time

Spiritualists and psychics who can use extrasensory capabilities for delivering security services to those clients who feel vulnerable to the forces of evil from the beyond

Everyone throughout the world who is confident about his/her professional competency for delivering some particular security safeguarding service


Proxy security provided for third parties (children, parents, relatives – any kind of loved ones) without their awareness about the safeguarding services applied

Low-cost safeguarding solutions when private persons offer babysitting-like hourly paid security services for tiny rewards unacceptable for professional security vendors

Atypical security related to religious, mystic, psycho, superstitious, and any other exotic concerns of clients when protection against vampires, ghosts or aliens is provided

Barter-like security when two persons can make a mutually beneficial agreement based on their skills: a cybersecurity specialist can be rewarded by a hairdressing or dental service of his/her client

“Charity” safeguarding when a group of clients orders security services on a crowd-funding basis for some objects or people who can not be protected by conventional security vendors due to financial, social, or legal constraints (regularly defaced monuments, abused migrants or minorities etc.)

Survival services in the wilderness when ordinary tourists (hunters, fishers) are protected by welltrained guides and traffickers as well as when visiting of some high-risk/criminalized areas in megalopolises requires escorting by a local resident


Business persons who operate within highly corrupted environments where contracting conventional security vendors may likely entail persecution by governmental and criminal organizations practicing racketeering activities (post-soviet countries)

Celebrities whose business, political, or social reputation may be negatively affected when their contracting with security guards is widely publicized Individuals and organizations who suffer from cyberattacks having no sufficient financial resources for hiring official cybersecurity specialists or being distrustful to their competencies

Individuals and organizations facing cyberattacks but having no financial or legal opportunities to contract the ordinary cybersecurity providers

The anonymous security service (proxy security) provided by the clients for the third parties (children, parents, relatives – any kind of loved ones) without informing them about the safeguarding services applied

People who believe in danger rooting somewhere beyond the physical reality (vampires, aliens, evil spirits, ghosts etc) and thus being unable to ask conventional security vendors for protection



October – December 2017

Preparatory period for the B-Umbrella’s BUNT token distribution event. Finalizing the agenda and technical nuances of the ongoing integration of the B-Umbrella DApp with the Pangea platform of Bitnation

December 2017 – December 2018

The token distribution event – crowdsale of BUNT tokens

January – February 2018

Relocation of the B-Umbrella Company to Estonia via the e-Residence system. Initiation of the B-Umbrella’s MVP (alpha-version) development together with the Pangea developers’ team

May – July 2018

Acquiring Pangea API and dev tools, launching the alpha-version (MVP) of the B-Umbrella’s DApp for public feedback. Further development and integration process in cooperation with the Bitnation team.

January-February 2019

The public presentation of the cross-platform beta-version of the B-Umbrella full-fledged cross-platform DApp. The testing and iterations period.

May – June 2019

The final refining of the B-Umbrella’s beta, integration of the DApp with various relevant third-party services and platforms (wallets, exchanges, IPFS, etc).

July – August 2019

The official launch of the finished B-Umbrella DApp under the Pangea platform: activation of all embedded services, unblocking the platform’s purchase/exchange token section, starting the post-launch promotion, arranging 24/7 customer support